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If visibility at work is a must, Proskill Workwear Australia has one of the widest assortments of hi-vis workwear on the market.

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Tool Vests

Tool vests are the perfect garment if you always want to make sure that you have all your tools close at hand. If you work on scaffolding, up on a roof, or far from your vehicle, you can avoid having to go several times to collect tools. If you would benefit from having your tools close at hand, then Proskill Workwear Australia has a selection of tool vests for you.

Proskill Workwear Australia’s tool vests are full of functional pockets and straps to contain a variety of things. On almost all the styles, the chest and front pockets are reinforced with CORDURA®, which ensures high durability, particularly at the bottom of the pockets. In addition, the chest pockets are fitted with flaps and magnetic closures, which gives easy access to the contents. All tool vests from Proskill Workwear Australia have at least one hammer and tool strap.

Every style has holster pockets with many different compartments and holders. The holster pockets are of durable CORDURA®, and the pockets intended for knives, screwdrivers and other pointed tools are reinforced with Kevlar®, which makes the fabric puncture resistant. The holster pockets also feature compartments that are suitable for nails. In order to counteract the weight of the tools, a thick padding at the shoulders has been added to some of the tool vests, which reduces the pressure on the shoulders. In this way, you can move around without any chafing from the vest.

The tool vests that do not come in fluorescent colours feature mesh material on the back. In this way, they do not function as an extra layer of clothing, and are also suitable in warm weather. If you need visibility, Proskill Workwear Australia also offers tool vests in a hi-vis version. These vests have been surface treated with Teflon®, which is dirt resistant and helps keep the fabric clean, and you visible, for a longer period of time.