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Proskill Workwear Australia retails a broad range of high quality workwear

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Proskill Workwear Australia has a wide range of workwear for women with a focus on fit, quality and comfort

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If visibility at work is a must, Proskill Workwear Australia has one of the widest assortments of hi-vis workwear on the market.

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We have over 30,000 unique items we love making our customers feel great in.

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Transport & Packaging with consideration

Transport & Packaging with consideration

The journey from cotton plantation to factory floor is long and typically stretches across several continents. The cotton needs to be spun, woven and dyed before being sent to the production site, where it is sown into clothing. And there are a number of different components that need to be brought together when producing a product such as a pair of trousers.

Producing a very durable pair of trousers often requires between six to eight different types of fabric in addition to various different types of buttons, zippers, threads, buckles, ID card holders and logos. Quality, price, expertise and supply often mean that these components come from a range of different suppliers all over the world.

Plastic bags made from recycled materials

Plastic bags made from recycled materials

MASCOT workwear is packaged in plastic bags for logistical reasons and in order to protect the products during transit. We have begun using plastic bags made from recycled plastic collected in Bangladesh for a selection of our products. This allows us to transform an old resource into a new one that can be used again.

At MASCOT, we generally try to use as much recycled material as possible in our packaging. Even plastic bags, which are used for smaller orders from MASCOT’s warehouses, are made from 100% recycled plastic materials. The size of each order is assessed, and suitable orders are dispatched in black shipping bags whenever possible. With regards to cardboard boxes used for bigger orders, the bulk of the content inside is always made from recycled materials.