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Proskill Workwear Australia has a wide range of workwear for women with a focus on fit, quality and comfort

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If visibility at work is a must, Proskill Workwear Australia has one of the widest assortments of hi-vis workwear on the market.

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Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility

As a global textiles company, Mascot Workwear has an enormous responsibility to safeguard the people and the environment at their production sites and throughout the rest of their supply chain. This is a responsibility that they take very seriously. It is for that reason that, more than ten years ago, they established their  very own production sites in Vietnam and later in Laos, where they can ensure good, respectful and safe workplaces for their 2400 colleagues

"..we've saved $600 & 90,000 liters of water per employee" - Bosch Healesville

“We’ve been in Mascot® Workwear for almost 4 years and loved it from the moment we put it on. We were just sick and tired of looking shabby and feeling rubbish.

Not only do we feel great but with Mascot® lasting at least 4 times longer than other workwear, we have saved at least $600 per employee just on our pants alone.

On top of this, to hear that it takes 10,000 litres of water to make one pair of jeans means we’ve saved 90,000 litres of water per employee as well as decreased carbon and landfill by 4 times.

We’ve always been environmentally conscious but to save so much money and assist environmentally is simply priceless.”

To see how much you could save financially and for the environment instantly just give us a call on 1300 722 797 or email proskill@proskill.com.au.

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Proskill Workwear Australia have always placed focus on ensuring that our customers get the best possible products. And by that we mean the best possible products in all aspects. It's not just about producing extremely durable products that last for a long time and thereby reduce the unnecessary consumption of new resources.

MASCOT's products are solutions.

MASCOT's products are solutions.

And they are solutions that last! Both in terms of their wear resistance and with regards to their respect for people and the environment. Our core values are quality and decency – even in social and environmental contexts. Quality in products, solutions and agreements and decency understood as both conscientiousness and moral decency. Read more below about how our core values are expressed in the individual parts of the entire MASCOT supply chain.

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We’ve been in Mascot Workwear for 7 years and have saved over $7,000 dollars with Mascot lasting 5 times longer than what we previously had just on pants alone. For our planet and our kids to save over 700 kilos of CO2 and over 800,000 litres of water has made our year! Love it!  As I’m sick of stuff wearing out all the time and consuming the world!”

Stuart Lee Enheraus
Sustainable Builders