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Electrostatic Properties

If you are an industrial worker or you work with inspection and installation of electronics, it is important that you protect yourself against static electricity and electrostatic discharge with workwear with electrostatic properties. It is crucial to your own safety, but it is also important when it comes to the protection of equipment, products and machines that are particularly sensitive to static electricity.

Workwear that is tested to avoid electrostatic discharge

At MASCOT, you can find safety workwear and workwear with electrostatic properties certified according to EN 1149-3 and EN 1149-5. Safety workwear with these certifications is particularly tested to break down electro static charge from the fabric surface, so that charges are discharged into the air rather than through the user of the clothes. This means that you are protected against static electricity caused by, for example, dust and friction when you wear workwear with electrostatic properties. If you want the best possible protection against static electricity, you can complement your workwear with electrostatic properties with ESD approved safety footwear from MASCOT. In our assortment, you will find a large selection of both safety shoes and safety boots, all of which comply with the ESD requirements.

Large selection of certified products

In the category of workwear with electrostatic properties, you can find, among other things, bib & brace overalls, boilersuits, work trousers and a variety of tops. Whether you prefer fluorescent safety workwear with reflectors or workwear without additional visibility, you get a wide selection of safety workwear and workwear with electrostatic properties at MASCOT. Comfort, fit and functionality are of course at the same high level as you know from MASCOT’s additional assortment. The certification simply specifies that the requirements for the materials and the design are adapted to the protection against electrostatic discharge.