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Winter jacket for exceptional comfort and ultimate weather protection

MASCOT’s newest winter jacket offers ultimate visibility and protection when working or moving around in the vicinity of traffic or construction work. Thanks to its special fabric composition and fit, the jacket ensures a comfortable working day while also providing excellent freedom of movement. It can tackle all kinds of winter weather with its certified protection against the cold and rain.

Wrapped up in the new hi-vis winter jacket (19035-449) from MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE, you can enjoy certified protection in line with the most stringent standards for high-visibility clothing. The winter jacket is approved in accordance with EN ISO 20471 safety class three which ensures that the user remains visible to their surroundings – both in daylight and at night.

Designed to keep the user warm

If you need a warm jacket you can rely on no matter the weather, then this wind and waterproof jacket is the optimal choice. The fabric, sewing and zippers are all waterproof. The jacket features many details including a storm flap, which prevents cold wind from making its way inside.

A soft, insulating lining in CLIMASCOT® Lightweight Insulation keeps the body warm while also remaining light and flexible to wear. This makes it easy to move around in the jacket, which seamlessly flows with the movements of your body. The jacket has been tested and certified in accordance with both EN 342 and EN 343 which place requirements on its insulating and waterproofing properties.

No more drafts against the skin

Many people experience uncomfortable drafts along their lower back and nape when working in winter jackets. But that will be of no concern in our 19035 jacket. The lower back panel on the jacket can be extended, preventing cold air from penetrating in and reaching the skin, for example when kneeling down or bending forward. A pair of buttons keep this extra piece of fabric in place whenever it is in use. Moreover, the jacket also has an extra high collar which protects the neck and nape from drafts, as well as elasticated cuffs to keep cold air from entering through the sleeves.

The hood provides excellent protection against the cold as a great deal of heat typically escapes from around the head. Another common problem is hoods that blow down. A soft and elasticated fabric panel on this jacket extends the hood down at the forehead. Adjustable elastic drawstrings make it possible to tighten the hood around the head for a perfect fit. Or if you would rather do without the hood, it can be completely detached from the garment.

The jacket naturally comes equipped with all the practical pockets and features you could need in a busy day with lots to do. The jacket is available in both a ladies fit and in a version for men. It is part of a wider range of high-visibility safety clothing which offers a broad range of possibilities to mix and match.


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