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New safety trousers in ULTIMATE STRETCH

Do you have maximum freedom of movement for all your jobs at work? In the recent years, we have seen stretch workwear become a staple part of every workwear wardrobe. Now it is also available in a hi-vis version in a new range of safety clothing certified according to EN ISO 20471. Special with the new trousers in the range is a whole new level of comfort and unlimited freedom of movement.

With our latest launch, MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE, MASCOT adds workwear trousers in four-way stretch with certified visibility to the range. This brand new and thoroughly tested fabric quality (711) with certified visibility is long-awaited by those who have already tried MASCOT’s stretch trousers in the standard workwear range. Alongside the trousers’ flexibility and low weight is a design with a sharp and modern look for companies who want to present their company profile through their workwear.

New visible clothing for everyone

The range comprises workwear for both men and women, in three fluorescent colours and in a variety of colour contrasts. This gives companies in all industries greater flexibility to put together garments that suit both their trade and preferences.

Optimum comfort

Low weight, high visibility and comfort are the key features of the new hi-vis trousers in fabric quality 711 in the MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE range. The trousers are elastic in all directions, and the fabric easily follows the body’s movements, whether kneeling or standing. The elastic fabric also contracts effectively, so that the trousers retain their shape and fit even after plenty of wear. The fabric weighs just 265 gram/m². Comfort has been thought into all areas of these trousers, with a soft interior that feels comfortable against the skin and a water-repellent finish on the exterior.

Eye-catching, sporty design

The certified reflectors on MASCOT’s hi-vis trousers in fabric quality 711 have been given a brand new design. They are slanting and asymmetrical, giving the trousers a slimming and dynamic look. The reflectors are also separated and stretchy, adding to the trousers’ unique freedom of movement. The detail with the satellite pattern on the legs has been borrowed from MASCOT’s popular MASCOT® ACCELERATE range.

Many smart details and pockets

Neither details or features have been compromised in the trousers in fabric quality 711. The trousers are equipped with front and back pockets, a button for attaching a knife-holder, and a thigh pocket with phone pocket for safe storage.

The kneepad pockets are reinforced with CORDURA® to withstand the daily wear and tear of a long working day. The kneepad pockets are also adjustable. Working on your knees can take its toll on your body. So it is essential that the kneepads are placed correctly, to give your knees optimum protection.

New to the MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE range is the fabric on the pocket flaps, which has been given a special dirt-resistant texture to prevent mud and dirt from sticking. This helps keep your trousers looking presentable for longer.

19031-711 MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE trousers with holster pockets and kneepad pockets

19479-711 MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE trousers with kneepad pockets

Holster pockets are easily added to 19479-711 with MASCOT’s holster pockets 19450-126, which are attached with buttons.

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