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Jan Magnussen Kevin Magnussen Anders Fjordbach

Jan and Kevin Magnussen racing for the Le Mans Trophy

Jan Magnussen, Kevin Magnussen and Anders Fjordbach are going for the Le Mans 2021 trophy (in the LMP2 class). MASCOT is part of the team, sponsoring father and son as they pursue their shared dream.

Believing in victory

For several years now, MASCOT has been supporting motorsport all over Europe. Such support not only brings value to the MASCOT brand, but also to MASCOT’s customers, many of whom are big fans of the sport. Motorsport requires advanced techniques and professional participants who keep their eye on the goal. Values that also match MASCOT’s values. MASCOT is therefore both delighted and proud to support this project, where Jan and Kevin Magnussen’s aim is to win.

Danish support for a Danish team

There is something special about being part of a Danish team of Danish drivers racing in Le Mans in a Danish car. Jan and Kevin Magnussen’s professionalism and focus are extraordinary and match the way MASCOT works. And it is a pleasure to watch father and son fulfil their dream as they take part in Le Mans side by side. “Being a Danish team and pitching up at the start line in a Danish car with Danish drivers really means a lot for our project. It is quite something to come from such a small country with ambitions to win the world’s biggest motor race. We are therefore proud that a large Danish company like MASCOT believes in our mission so much that they have decided to join the team,” says Kevin.

Durable workwear for demanding situations

Big ambitions and a goal to win require all the right elements to be in place. The team surrounding Jan and Kevin Magnussen will therefore be kitted out in very durable workwear, where full freedom of movement is matter of course. MASCOT’s products are designed for activity, efficiency and drive. It is one of the reasons these products were picked for the team behind Jan and Kevin Magnussen. Workwear that gives the team optimum conditions to perform at its best – both on and off the track.

An exciting year

The Danish team, High Class Racing, will race in the LMP2 class, one of Le Mans’ fastest motor races. The cars are innovative prototypes and therefore only seen in motor racing. As well as Le Mans, which takes place in August 2021, MASCOT is sponsoring Magnussen Racing IVS as part of Jan Magnussen’s participation in WEC and TCR in 2021.

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