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Hi-vis skirts now available

Have you noticed the temperature going up? Is it getting too warm for long trousers at work? With the new hi-vis skirt from MASCOT, you can now choose between shorts or a skirt for work. The knee-length skirt not only has a feminine and slimming look but is also visible and practical.

When the sun is out and the temperature is rising, it is important to wear clothing that suits the climate. Even at work. Skirt 19244-711 from MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE is cut in a feminine shape and is the perfect choice when the weather turns warm and you want to wear something other than shorts. The MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE range comprises safety clothing for women, where both the top and bottom are designed specifically for them.

Lightweight, stretchable and with space for your ruler

The skirt is designed to meet your needs on the building site when the weather turns warm. It comes with front and back pockets, thigh pockets, hammer strap and ruler pocket, allowing you to keep your tools handy. The ruler pocket is made from a reinforced fabric and the pocket flaps are dirt-repellent, preventing muck and dirt from sticking. The fabric is stretchable in all directions, so you can move as freely as you want. The skirt is also lightweight, which means the only things weighing you down are the tools in your pockets. A skirt that lets you keep both style and work tasks in order.



Meets requirements for visibility

The skirt is certified according to EN ISO 20471 class 1. If you combine it with a visibility-certified top, you can achieve a higher class. With the new MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE skirt, there is no need to compromise on comfort, style or safety. And you finally have a great alternative to shorts.

The skirt is available in a DIAMOND fit and a choice of three fluorescent colours: yellow, orange or red.

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