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Work Kneepads


50451-916-09 Mascot Likasi Knee Pads



  • Fits to all MASCOT® products with knee pockets.
  • Extra soft.
  • Suitable for industrial washing and drying at high temperatures.
  • Do not need to be removed from the trousers before washing.

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Price: $55.90

50451-916-09 Mascot Likasi Knee Pads

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Kneepads that do not stay firmly in position have long been a problem. But not any more. The design of the seams in our trousers in combination with being anle to place the kneepads in different positions in the kneepad pockets make it possible to locate the kneepads for the optimal position. We call this KneeguardTM – a completely new system for those of you who want to look after your knees.

We understand different jobs have different requirements and therefore different kneepads. So we have three different types which all go into the Skillers pants.