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MBA Apprentice Awards

MBA App Awards

On Thursday 5th of May Proskill were delighted to fit the 23 State Master Builders apprentice annual awards winners in the latest Mascot Workwear as part of their prizes.

"I was wrapped with my new Masoct jacket and when I walked into work my work mates were all over it as well! It must have been mearnt to be as coincidentally I'm Dainish decent and Mascot is from Denmark as well. I'm so over poor quality workwear, I guess that why I'm all over this!"

Simon Nygaard - Heritage Building Servies - MBA award winner

We were very conscious of passing on to our young charges what they wanted and needed to continue setting their standards.

This is the premier night for the Master Builders apprentices held at the Tennis Center function rooms and it seemed quite appropriate to have some background music from Justin Beaver at the MCG and Maroon 5 in the Tennis stadium during the awards…..There seemed to be a lot of foot taping to the beat going on during the ceremony!