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Mascot Trouser Tug of War Challenge

Mascot 4X4 Towing Trousers Tug of War Challenge 


 Mascot Trousers Tug of Wars all happening at QME!






 Why hold back! 


Home at QME!


July on to the Melbourne Home Expo









A big thanks to all of you who participated in the Mascot Trousers Tug of War challenge! We hope you all had as much as much fun as we did!

Here's the latest winners - Well Done Guys!

  • Melbourne NTX - Stephen McKay
  • Sydney NTX -Ben McDonald
  • Perth NTX - Peter Griffiths


Would you get in between these guys?

A bit of Chivalry!

Do you think he was going to give into his mate to easily?

Although we had a great time, it is not safe to conduct a similar tug-of-war
without establishing appropriate safeguards. Do not attempt to do so.

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