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5 Alternate Places to Wear Your Workwear

Chris Doolan - Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Work wear needs to be among the most durable, sturdy and dependable items in your wardrobe. It will see more wear than any other single item (except your favourite hat, maybe!), being out and about for a third of the day's hours, five days a week. Great quality workwear doesn’t need to be limited to these times, though - today we're checking out 5 different activities that can benefit from the strength, versatility and quality of work wear clothing.

1. Camping/Fishing/Hiking/4WDriving

Three activities that go together like roast lamb, gravy and potatoes can all benefit from attributes specific to work wear. You'll be kneeling down doing up tents and gutting fish - protect your knees the same way you do at work with work pants with kneepad pockets included. You'll need to be carrying a torch, a knife, lures and spare hooks, and tool vests or holster pocket work pants give you convenient options. Hiking will test the fabric of your pants to the limit, with branches and thorns ripping at you. And if you need to get under your 4WD in the mud and among the sticks to fix your rig, you'll want something to protect you from those elements. Work pants are made to survive this sort of treatment - look for some tough poly/cotton fabrics.

2. Overseas tourism

For backpacking journeys especially, you want to be able to carry most of your belongings with you. Holster pocket pants are the most 'ordinary' solution; if you have an array of items that need easy access, holster pocket tool vests have proven to be useful for having items easily accessible.

3. Work … at home

The reason that you're able to get big jobs done so efficiently at work is the processes and tools you have at the ready to facilitate your work. You can get some of this speed when you’re working at home, also, simply by kitting up as you would for a day on site. Put your tool belt or tool vest  on, and save yourself walking back and forth to the toolbox; use a drill holster and have a range of power tools within easy reach for fast and efficient home handyman projects.

Pants with kneepads are always handy for all those unexpected times you end up working on your knees!

4. Home Cleaning

When you do something, show the rest of them how to do it fast, thoroughly and efficiently! The kneepads that you use in your work pants can help increase your comfort level while cleaning the house, and a tool vest can help keep things within easy reach while you are moving around.  Don’t forget to grab your ventilation mask from your toolbox as well, if you’re dealing with noxious chemicals in aerosol form for cleaning.

5. Going out

We aren't suggesting you bring your drill in a holster to the pub (unless you knocked off half an hour ago!). Work belts nowadays are looking sleeker than ever, though, and if yours is in relatively good condition it will go well with a pair of jeans and dress shoes. Elastic belts look great, and are especially comfortable for all-you-can-eat restaurants! Your work phone pouch is just as useful when out with friends, also.